Allen & Heath WZ4 16:2 16 inpt - dual effect

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Mixer analog đáp ứng hầu hết các hoạt động mixing 

16 input

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Allen & Heath  WZ4


Clean and Detailed Sound

The MixWizard4 preamp delivers extremely low noise, minimal distortion, wide yet smooth gain law and plenty of headroom. The preamp was developed by leading analogue designer Mike Griffin and is adapted from the design used on our legendary large-format analogue consoles.

16 Mic/Line Inputs

16 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack feed our renowned clean and detailed preamp design.

Dual FX Engines

Two digital FX engines with 20 studio quality FX presets designed by the DSP team responsible for our digital flagship mixers.

6 Auxes

Flexible aux section with 2 pre-fade, 2 switched and 2 post-fade sends.

2 Stereo Returns

A pair of dedicated stereo return channels make it easy to connect external FX or stereo line-level sources.

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