Rockville SINGMIX 5

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Rockville SINGMIX 5

Công suất 200W x 2 / 8ohm

Amply Bluetooth karaoke

Có cổng optical cho tivi smart



Sound quality

This amp is tuned to give you professional sound quality with almost zero distortion! With individual built-in EQ’s for both your music and your microphones, you are in complete control.


RMS @ 4 Ohm less than 1 % THD: 600 Watts RMS (300 x 2), 
RMS @ 8 Ohm less than 1 % THD: 400 Watts RMS (200 x 2), 
THD: less than 0.5%, 
Input sensitivity: 250mv/47Kohm,
Frequency response: (20Hz-20KHz): ±2dB, 
Signal to noise ratio: >85db, 
Tone characteristic (100Hz-10KHz) ±12dB, 
Voltage power:100-220V

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