TRS V-S15 Sub Array

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Loa Subwoofer dùng cho các dòng loa Array TRS V-10 hoặc các loại Subwoofer Array Treo Trần

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Passive high-power 15” Sub woofer is designed for use with V-10 speaker in both touring
and installation applications. It features a 1200W 15” sub-sonic driver with suspension
engineered for linear excursion.

Theatrical sound reinforcement; Stadiums; Clubs; Halls; Tour shows


Model V-S15
Configuration 1 × 15”
Frequency response(±3dB) 40-350Hz
Power(Program/Peak) 1200W/2000W
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity 98dB
Maximum SPL 127dB
Connectors 2 Speakon Ni4, Pin2
Dimensions 446mm×500mm×560mm
Weight 23kg
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